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Breast Feeding Support At home with Chris Mclaren West Sussex Area

Chris is always friendly and professional

As a young first time mum who’d just experienced a difficult birth I felt weak, vulnerable and completely out of my depth. Breastfeeding was proving to be a lot harder than anticipated and I was really struggling. Once Chris visited us she made me feel like I was her priority and that she was going

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I would recommend her to anyone

Chris ran the antenatal groups at the children’s center that I went to and provided so much information and support both about breastfeeding and the early days of becoming a parent. Chris helped me so much with my first, ensuring the latch was correct and offering a shoulder to cry on in those early days

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Chris is a god send to new mum’s

I first met Chris when i was a 17 year old new mum. Chris had a completely no nonsense approach and had my baby girl (now 19 expecting a baby herself) l latching on beautifully. Chris was so kind and offered this scared teenager so much support especially when the majority around me at the

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Chris was amazing

Chris was amazing and helped me with my 3rd child whom I struggled to latch and where the midwifes were telling me to top up, she was phoning or coming round ever other day till she started putting on weight. She also got me a tongue tie appointment. I breastfed all 3 of my children

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