Do You Know the Size & Volume of Your Newborns Stomach

Prior to arrival into this world, a baby never knows the sensation of hunger due to being fed constantly via the placenta.


Day 1

The Size of a cherry

5-7 ml
(1 – 1.4 teaspoons)

On day 1 after birth the baby mother’s breasts provide frequent small amounts of milk (colostrum) to provide frequent feedings helping your baby’s transition to an intermittent feeding pattern.


Day 3

Size of a walnut

22-27 ml
(0.75 – 1oz)

A newborn’s stomach wall is firm and doesn’t start to stretch until around day 3.
It’s usually around the 3rd day that the stomach will begin to hold more milk as it starts to expand.
Interestingly most mothers find that its around day 3-5 when milk volume also starts to increase.


Day 7

Size of an apricot

45 – 60ml
(1.5 – 2oz)

By around day 7 breasts are settling as milk production adjusts to babys needs.


Day 30

Size of a large egg

80 – 150ml
(2.5 – 5oz)

Day 30. Nearly there .it takes a good 6 weeks to master the art of breast feeding

As an extra bit of information, did you know that an adult stomach size (at rest) is equivalent to the size of your own clenched fist with a capacity of 1-4 liters!