The Magic of Breastmilk

More than just milk, here is some intresting information on the magic of breastmilk, one of mother natures wonders!

Types of milk, characteristics, production stages, and an indication of an average daily consumption at different stages:-


Production: Birth to 3-5 days
Consumption: Average of 30ml during the first 24 hours post birth

  • Clear to golden colour
  • Natural first immunisation
  • Continued natural protection even if your baby is premature or unwell
  • High in fat soluble vitamins
  • Prepares the baby’s stomach for digestion
  • High in growth factors
  • Laxative effect to speed passage of meconium


Production: 3-5 days to 14 days
Consumption: Average increasing to 500ml per day

  • Milk becomes lighter in colour
  • Continued natural protection
  • Contains essential active enzymes and hormones
  • Changes in ingredients and amount with each feed
  • The more your baby feeds, the more milk your breasts will produce


Production: From around 14 days
Consumption: Ranges from 500 – 1150mls per day

Mature breastmilk
  • Fat content changes each feed
  • Meets ALL your baby’s needs for 6 months
  • Lifelong health benefits
  • Continues to provide nutrition and protection after the introduction of other foods
  • During weaning becomes more colostrum-like as the amount decreases
  • The longer you breastfeed your baby, the greater the protection

Breastmilk smells and tastes different with every feed!